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about me

imagine :: create :: inspire :: elevate  (My professional mantra.)

Who am I? I am a creative thinker, problem-solver,  technically-savvy, imaginative and skilled E-Learning instructional, multimedia, graphic and print developer/designer. I'm a creative learning experience, tech, and communications design (and research) nerd - there, I said it.

What do I love doing? I love to create innovative, engaging, and effective interactive learning media and visual communications with a clear and consistent end-user focus. (imagine::create) 

I also love to learn and to mentor. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to sharpen and continue to grow in what I do. However, more importantly I enjoy mentoring and inspiring colleagues who seek my advice to help them build their own creative “muscles” and elevate their design thinking skills. (inspire::elevate)

About meAbout meAbout me